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The Story

In May of 2001 a Missoula, Montana landmark was removed from the North Hills overlooking the Missoula Valley.  The peace sign, painted on an obsolete microwave reflector panel, first appeared over 20 years ago during the height of the Nuclear Disarmament movement.  Several times over the years the communications company who owned the panel, painted out the symbol, but it always mysteriously reappeared within days of it's removal. It was Missoula's most famous "Art Crime".

 It has been six years since they removed the Missoula Peace Sign but the nine aluminum panels that comprise the remains are still around, protected by their loyal caretakers, waiting for the right time and place to come back together. No other local piece of art has endured to touch the heart of so many people of our town, and although it is gone, it's memory and meaning still stir strong feelings for those who remember it.


About Us

As ten year members of Missoula's North-side Neighborhood, our family lived in the shadow of the Missoula Peace Sign, and looked at it daily from the window of our pottery studio.  After it was gone, it began to show up on our work, mixed in with our other designs.  Soon we realized that the design by itself was enough and began a line of ceramic work featuring our design of the Missoula Peace Sign. Soon people were asking for shirts, cards and stickers, and that was the beginning of our business,  www.missoulapeacesign.com. Customers have told us stories about seeing our products all over the world, and we are happy to hear that our design is spreading a bit of peace beyond our small community. 

Missoula Peace Sign products can be purchased off this website and at various locations in Western Montana including:

Missoula People's Market- Missoula's outdoor craft market on Saturdays, May-Oct., downtown from 9am-1pm. (Hit or miss to catch us there)

The Missoula Artists Shop- A regional artists co-op operating from May to Dec. at 306 N. Higgins in downtown Missoula.

Rockin' Rudy's- A must see store in Missoula, Montana and home of one of the peace sign panels.

The Jeanette Rankin Peace Resource Center- In Missoula just South of the Higgins St. Bridge.  The place to go for all things and actions involving peace!

Art Fusion-Located in Bigfork, Montana. A gallery packed with the work of regional artists.

Ordering Information

You can get more info or place your order by phone or email to Glenn or Amity at:


E- mail

We accept checks and credit cards.  After you place an order we will confirm shipping charges, method and expected ship date.  



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